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. the second row? >> doesn't affect us as a big and powerful nation? [inaudible] >> the president said that bashar al-assad must go, him being there has been enormous problems for the united states and our credibility in the region. >> yes, that is already half of it with the implication. [laughter] do not okay, sir, right instrumentally question. the fact is during this meeting in january, about 10,000 people were killed in syria. how long do we need to be in geneva to continue and how long will it keep going at this rate? >> that's a good question. we should have had a president obama. >> i have been talking about what should be done. bashar al-assad is happy to go to geneva because he will keep talking and tort of make it seem like he is serious am a trying to deflect serious attention. because he will know this process for as long as he can while people suffer on the ground. he is reported to have once described his relations with western countries is a game of tom and jerry. i think we are seeing this in this way. >> one more question in the middle there we met. >> raise your hand
cheer is the motor sent the trolley on its way. the nine rows of benches were not filled yet but they would be soon enough. outside a small group shouted outwards of encouragement. get there and don't let any of them get ahead of you one cried out. he broke to allow a dozen passengers on board. all aboard for the subway on park street he shouted and a voice shouted back you did that without a stutter. the bell rang and the car pulled away again. the journey from austin to cambridge to boston to 20 minutes most morning but then usual number of passengers delayed at each stop. by the time the car reached pearl st. in cambridge across the charles river from boston and older gentleman found there were no seats left and he was told he would have to wait for the next car. not a chance he shouted. he came all the way down from dickerson in somerville to endure this privilege and deserve to make history with the rest of them. in 1856 he had written on the first horse pulled car on the metropolitan and wanted to achieve another first today. the schedule called for a car every half hou
you have seen in your -- i don't know how to describe it, and prevalent experience. >> well, i have also -- i have also come in contact with individuals who are in prison, on death row. they make no attempt to profess their innocents. they would prefer life as opposed some death. but someone who would make a statement like that to kill someone that is but an insult them commences leave them in a sell by themselves. you let them out at the appropriate times. you do not just like the men all and forget about it. if i was to do that or you were to do that to someone in euro you would go to prison for that. it is inhumane. >> thank you. i know that center and others maries the question about women, incarcerated women. you know the vulnerabilities that they have. think about other categories, those who are being held for immigration efficent -- offenses which are technical violations, not crimes perce. no question about it. and the vulnerability they would have because of language and culture and the threat of deportation. what can you tell us about those women and what they face? >> wom
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)